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Most Powerful Poland
Krzysztof GradeckiKrzysztof Gradecki,
owner of Gradi Golf

Artur GromadzkiArtur Gromadzki,
owner of Modry Las Golf Club

Arkadiusz MuśArkadiusz Muś,
owner of Rosa Private Golf Club

Marzena GradeckaMarzena Gradecka,
owner of Gradi Golf

William SiwekWilliam Siwek,
owner of Postołowo Golf Club

Golf Coaches
Waclaw Laszkiewicz Brian Messing Sandra Okupniak Ian Ashenden Marek Sokolowski Martin Hejger
Polski Komitet Olimpijski
Champ International Golf Tour
The largest affiliate tournament of golf courses in Poland and abroad begins. At each tournament, you can win many valuable and great prizes.
President's Cup 2019
President's Cup is organized for the 21st time as the most prestigious golf tournament in Poland, which combines golf competition with recreation for both advanced and beginner, providing a lot of excitement and fun.
25 years of polish golf
Previous year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Polish golf. As part of the PGA - Polish Golf Awards plebiscite, we would like to honor those who have significantly contributed to the development of this discipline in our country.
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Keeping ear to the grass
Glen Moray Sea Breeze
Francusko-Polska Izba Gospodarcza (CCIFP) Słowianin