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Family Cup

Family Cup Until the day of the September tournament golf players may play any time. If the September date won't be set all will be arranged individualy.
You have to contact other family team and set up the date of play. Playing teams other than family to get points in the ranking is forbidden, for example a family team plays together with one or two friends.
The list of proposed family team can be found below. Contact directly through front desk at the golf club.

Potential family teams list:
  • Frank Meere / Ms Meere
  • Lars Svensson / Anke Svensson
  • Wolfgang Putz / Alice Putz
  • Alex Overwether / Marc Overwether
  • Michał Mitera / Ignacy Mitera
  • Radosław Frańczak / Mrs. Frańczak
  • Dariusz Fabiszewski / Michał Fabiszewski
  • Jarosław Sroka / Iwona Sroka
  • Piotr Kosno / Mrs. Kosno
  • Wojciech Pasynkiewicz / Mrs. Pasynkiewicz
  • Janusz Ryś / Grażyna Ryś
  • Janusz Kowalik / Marzena Bojar
  • Kasia Guz / Adam Guz
  • Clara Nam / James Nam
  • Rhea Wiatr / Dariusz Wiatr
  • Agnieszka Dyzio / Andrzej Dyzio
  • Kornelia Stepan / Bogumił Stepan
  • Nina Kołodziejczyk / Adam Kołodziejczyk
  • Bożena Michałowska / Marek Michałowski
  • Michał Gonicki / Marek Gonicki
  • Andrzej Strzelecki /
  • Rusłan Kinebas / Mrs. Kinebas
  • Ewa Geritz / Krzysztof Geritz
  • Dariusz Kościkiewicz / Filip Kościkiewicz
  • Jerzy Burdzy / Michał Burdzy
  • Krzysztof Sokolik / son
  • Monika Grzesiak / Łukasz Grzesiak
  • Paweł Przybylski / Mrs. Przybylska
  • Ronald Binkofski / Marta Binkofska
  • Laurent Betourne / Cristina Betourne
  • Peter Baudrexl / Mrs. Baudrexl
  • Bout Louis / Dominique i Philip
  • Materna Krzysztof / Michał Materna
  • Paszkowski Jan i Paweł
  • Pobereszko Janusz i Mikołaj
  • Puzio Piotr i Bartosz
  • Zabielski Bartosz i Krzysztof
  • Zawada Kuba i Grzegorz
  • Żurkowski Wojciech i Michał
  • September - 21.09.08 [date must be accepted by FWG&CC]
  • October - 5.10.08


Stroke 'best ball' netto from the average HCP.
Two players per team. Must be relatives: mother/father/son/daughter/people in close relationships.
Team members cannot switch their teams.
Everyone plays his own ball. We choose 'best ball' and play until reach the hole.
Teams may decided any time that both strikes are made by one player.
Team may be of one golf player and other non-player. In that case a golf player uses two golf balls per each shot and and scores each ball.
Non-player must be present during whole round. If one of the players leaves the field the team is disqualified.


0 - by one point for each team up to first place (monthly score), for example 10 starting teams, last team 1 point, 1st 10 pointes, etc.
Winners in each category (after all 3 tournaments) will be announced during 'Golf Season End Party' in November 2008.