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Tournament & Golf Academy


Tournament will Take place September 5, 2008.
Signed score card must be returned at the tournament reception desk close to the golf Club entrance right after finishing the play.
Tournament is played with The Royal Golf Club of St. Andrews Golf Rules and Local Rules approved by Tournament Organization Committee.
In case of different interpretation of golf rules a player should play two balls and leave it to decide by the Main Referee.
Only invited guest May play the Tournament.

Game rules

  1. Each player play individually stableford ¾ of handicap system with a slope of the field.
  2. Electric cars (melexes) are available after confirmation from Main Referee.
  3. It is allowed to use any electronic metering gadgets only if not making any delays and not measuring height differences, temperature, wind speed and direction. Gadgets with additional options are forbidden even if not used during the game.

Beginning of the game

  1. Each player must start their play at 10:00 a.m. sharp (shotgun).
  2. Each player starts from his tee. Player must be present at a tee of his start at 9:50.
  3. Player is obliged to know his start hour and tee.
  4. Valid time is the time of the starter.
  5. If the player is not present at his tee in 5 minutes after the specified time and there is no reason to disqualified player the penalty are two additional strokes.

Starting groups

  1. Players are obliged to register at the tournament reception desk before 9:00 a.m.
  2. Starting groups are arranged the day of the tournament after the registration of all players and announced during orientation at 9:30 a.m. List of players is available for viewing at the tournament reception at 9:45.
  3. Signed score card must be returned at the tournament reception desk close to the golf Club entrance in 10 minutes after finishing the play.
  4. Players of same group must return their score cards at the same time.
  5. Players are responsible for the correct scores.

Play system

stroke play ¾ HCP with the slope of the course

I - HCP max 13,5
I; II & III place

stableford ¾ HCP with the slope of the course

II - HCP - 13,6 - 19,5
I; II & III place
III - HCP - 19,6 - 32,5
I; II & III place
IV - HCP - 32,6 - 36,0
I; II & III place

V - Women
I; II & III place

Yellow tees - men

Red tees - women


Longest drive on holes # 4 i #17
Nearest to the pin on holes #5 I #10
Best stableford brutto score


Longest drive on hole # 9
Nearest to the pin on hole #14
Best stableford brutto score


Grupa ABK for PricewaterhouseCoopers

Main referee

Jerzy Czaplejewicz