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Most Powerful Poland
Krzysztof GradeckiKrzysztof Gradecki,
owner of Gradi Golf

Artur GromadzkiArtur Gromadzki,
owner of Modry Las Golf Club

Arkadiusz MuśArkadiusz Muś,
owner of Rosa Private Golf Club

Marzena GradeckaMarzena Gradecka,
owner of Gradi Golf

William SiwekWilliam Siwek,
owner of Postołowo Golf Club

Golf Coaches
Waclaw Laszkiewicz Brian Messing Sandra Okupniak Ian Ashenden Marek Sokolowski Martin Hejger
Polski Komitet Olimpijski
Andrzej Fogtt
Ambassadors Club activities related to broadly understood art were added to the club activities. We start the presentation with the Polish painter Andrzej Fogtt.
Polish Golf Hall of Fame
The mission of the Polish Golf Hall of Fame is to preserve and honor the history of golf and the legacy of those who made it grow in Poland.
Ambassadors Cup
Great, unique, different from the rest, great atmosphere are just a few quotes from the participants of the 1st edition of the "Ambassadors Cup" of the tournament with the participation of Ambassadors, whose main partners were the Embassies of Italy, Morocco, Croatia, Ukraine, Georgia, Hungary and Malaysia.
Polish Golf vs. COVID-19
It is hard time for polish golf during the coronavirus pandemic, so we take all possible measures to enable safe play on golf courses in our country.
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Keeping ear to the grass
Gruzja Maroko Ukraina
Malezja Chorwacja PGA Polish Golf Awards
Rest. Baczewskich MPOC Italy
Gradi Golf Club Szwajcaria Kamien Golf Club
Colorobbia Hiszpania Hiszpania
Pola Golfowe