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Golf Season 2008 End Party

Over 200 invited guests golfers, golf lovers and media representatives attended party at hotel InterContinental Warszawa Hemisphere Bar.

Delicious food prepared by shefs of hotel InterContinental Warszawa, open bar, presentation of koniak "OTARD", jazz band, prizes drawing donated by the Management of the InterContinental Warszawa hotel, "putting", "chipping" and "backgammon competitions" were major atractions of the evening which lasted till early Saturday morning. Most of the gusts vere very pleased and rated the event as the best golf related party of the year.

The winners of the competitions were:
  • Chipping - Adam Guz,
  • Putting - Peter Bose,
  • Backgammon - Małgosia Van Kannel.
During the evening polishgolf.pl awards (previously SportujSię! Awards) w have been given in 9 categories:

  • EVERYDAY GOLFER : Wojciech Koperski,
  • MECENAS GOLFA : Phillips, Astellas,
  • KAPITAN ROKU : Tapani Sura,
  • GOLFISTA ROKU : Con Murphy,
  • GOLFISTKA ROKU : Marzena Bojar, Agnieszka Dyzio,
  • DEDICATED GOLFER : Adam Kołodziejczyk,
  • DEBIUT TURNIEJOWY : Frank Meere,
  • TURNIEJ ROKU : PricewatehouseCoopers Turniej i Akademia Golfa, ARVAL Golf Rally 2008,
  • IMPROVEMENT OF THE YEAR : Ronald Binkofski, Jacek Socha.
More information about polishgolf.pl awards are available here.

Pictures of the event are in the gallery.

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