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Polish Golf Hall of Fame

The first Polish golf portal polishgolf.pl, pgaawards.pl creates the Polish Golf Hall of Fame which is to serve as a propagator and promoter through engaging storytelling and exhibitions presenting artifacts, works of art, audio, video and photography relevant to the history of Polish golf and its members. The mission of the Polish Golf Hall of Fame is to preserve and honor the history of golf and the legacy of those who made it grow in Poland.

The 25th anniversary of Polish golf has passed, it is a good time for summaries and new ideas for its promotion. The first Polish portal polishgolf.pl and the only PGA award in Poland - Polish Golf Awards distinguished and rewarded leading figures who contributed to the development of this interesting and popular sports discipline.

More and more golf courses are being built, Mateusz Gradecki and Adrian Meronk are successfully playing on the European Tour, interest in golf is growing, so, following the example of global organizations, we decided to create the Polish Golf Hall of Fame to initiate an excellent global tradition in Poland.

We propose categories, methods of nominating and selecting people who will be first honored with this honorable distinction. We are open to ideas and suggestions. Of course, nomination rules and categories may change and expand, but we hope to complete this initial process by the end of 2020.

The selection committee will be the authorities and jurors of the PGA - Polish Golf Awards, while the application can be submitted by anyone if the justification is consistent with the category description.

Proposed categories:
  • golfers - a person who plays and is successful at professional European and world competitions (European, PGA, World Tour and others). A person must end their playing career at least 3 years in advance of being nominated;
  • lady golfers - a woman who plays and is successful at professional European and world sports competitions (LET, LPGA Tour and others). A person must end their playing career at least 3 years in advance of being nominated;
  • owners of 18 hole golf courses - the field must stand out from the rest, exist for at least a dozen years, and the person considered in the nomination is its legal, long-term owner;
  • contributors - people who have significantly contributed to the development of Polish golf, occupying prominent positions, e.g. the president of the PZG, PGA Polska, etc., commentators of golf competitions, organizers and originators of unique activities, sports activists, etc.
A person has to be distinguished and active on the Polish golf scene for several years.

Nominees must obtain approval from 75 percent of the selection committee to be admitted.

Nominations in the golf course owners category:

William Siwek - Postołowo Golf & Country Club

Arkadiusz Mu¶ - Rosa Golf & Country Club

Artur Gromadzki - Modry Las Golf & Country Club

Nominations in the contributor category:

William Carey - the best Polish golfer since 1991. Co-founder of the Polish golf scene and the FWG & CC club.

Marek Podstolski - the first President of PGA Poland. Posthumously. He died in 2020. Active co-founder of the trade union of golfers, coaches and instructors.

Andrzej Person - one of the first Polish Golf Association Presidents, active promoter of golf in Poland and abroad, TV commentator.

Paweł G±sior - the creator of the Polish golf Olympiad in the USA, which is the largest Polish international golf event in which golfers from all over the world have participated every year for over 20 years.

Elżbieta Panas - participates in Polish golf life since its inception, both as a player winning many titles and winning dozens of amateur tournaments, but her the greatest contribution is the creation of a golf section at the Sports Museum, as well as numerous exhibitions, the publication of the book 20 Years of Polish Golf and the creation of a thriving Polish Women's Golf Association.

Andrzej Strzelecki - posthumously. He died in 2020. One of the first Polish golfers, actively participating in the promotion of golf and its development in film and television, actively involved in Polish golf life, he wrote and published two books about golf.

Wojciech Pijanowski - associated with polish golf since 1992. Member of the board of the PZG in 1998-2002. Co-founder of the first Golf Judges Association in 2007. Originator, author and host of the first TV magazine "Magazyn Golfowy" which has been broadcasted in 2002-2005. Co-organizer of the exhibition at the Sports and Tourism Museum in Warsaw entitled "Historia golfa" and co-author of the album "Polski Golf". Golf commentator. Originator and organizer golf tournaments. He has been a golf promoter in the media and in the press for almost 30 years.