Wywiad z Most Powerful Poland

Many of the most powerful are also some of the brightest minds in Polish golf. In fact, some are on our (PGA Awards) list in part because of their insight and ability to foresee the future.

We recently met with Mr. Artur Gromadzki, the owner of the „Modry Las Golf & Country Club” golf course.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing the Polish golf industry?

I think the biggest challenge is changing the perception of golf from an elite sport to a sport „for everyone”. Currently, golf is still perceived as an elite sport in Poland. In many developed countries, it is a mass sport. Politicians are afraid of this topic like fire. Nonsense, it’s a sport like many others. And even better, golf can be played from 5 to 95!

While golf is growing in popularity, how much of that popularity will be long-term?

A very important element is the popularization of sports among young people. They will be the next generation of golfers. Young people taught to play golf at a young age usually have a life break when they enter the period of study/family/work. But will return to golf as an adult when has the time and will surely pass known skills on to the next generation.

What do you think are the most important foundations necessary to support, nurture and maintain the interest and loyalty of new golfers?

I would mention a few, in my opinion, the most important:

  1. the atmosphere in the golf club;
  2. organization of the game – flights cannot be too tight in time so that it is not a race against time or long stops;
  3. green fee and membership prices (including youth discounts) balanced against supply and demand;
  4. discipline of the game – there is nothing worse than the misbehavior of golfers who do not respect the ethics of the game. Marshall’s presence;
  5. The game must be a pleasure, the stay at the Club House must be pleasant and the service must be friendly.

Any thoughts on trends or changes the Polish golf industry will face in the coming year?

Maybe this issue is not for next year, but for future years. The issue of taxing golf courses is like an „elephant in the room”. Everyone sees and no one talks. The current system inhibits the creation of golf courses, without which there will be no dynamic development of golf. I hope the new ruling team will understand that the state does not have to spend money, golf is usually financed by private companies and serves the health of society, which was so visible during the Covid pandemic. Golf courses are built, as a rule, not in cities, but in nature, in places where there is space and often where people are looking for work.

Additional question: Why are the successes of Polish golfers abroad silenced in the Polish media?

We have two great golfers representing the world level who glorify the name of Poland abroad. They win important tournaments, and we are silent about them. Adrian Meronk and Mateusz Gradecki are admired on TV, for example in the USA (I was a witness myself) and in other countries, including the UK. (the mecca of golf) and we don’t talk about them. Why ?